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Top border is 2 px, middle is 3 px, and bottom is 4 px wide

Default font face is
MS Sans Serif at
12 px = 9 pt

All pop-up palettes
and help panels can be moved anywhere on the screen by left-clicking the title bar and slowly dragging your mouse.

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The interactivity of the Web Page Colour Composer is compatible with MSIE 5.5+ with JavaScript 1.2 enabled on all Windows operating platforms. We recommend using a maximized screen resolution of 1024 x 768 to fully benefit from the Web Page Colour Composer's layout design.

  • We recommend pressing F11 to temporarily hide the toolbars thereby maximizing your browser's screen space. Press F11 again to restore.
  • If you are unfamiliar with CSS, please read the CSS section in the Instructions Help Panel as it affects the source code output.

  • If you click Reset, the page will reload all default settings.

  • To save a background or a button image, right-click the image in the canvas area and select  Save Background As for both.

Latin to English Phrases
dum spiro, spero
carpe diem
divide et impera
errare humanum est
veni, vidi, vici
terra incognita
persona non grata
alea iacta est
citius, altius, fortius
While I breathe, I hope.
Seize the day.
Divide and rule.
To err is human.
I came, I saw, I conquered.
unknown territories
an unwelcome person
The die is cast.
Faster, higher, stronger.

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The Inspiration Gallery and The Hunting Ground
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