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Every element of the template (shown above) can be customized right down to the font style and size. Just copy and paste the generated source code into your HTML editor and begin composing your web page. Additional templates are being considered for future versions, depending on user feedback. SYSTEM  REQUIREMENTS: The interactivity of the Web Page Colour Composer is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5+ with JavaScript 1.2 and Cascading Style Sheets enabled on all Windows operating platforms. We recommend using a maximized screen resolution of 1024 x 768 to fully benefit from the Web Page Colour Composer's design. However, if your screen resolution is set at 800 x 600, you will automatically be directed to the 800 x 600 version. WPCC will not function in any versions of Netscape, Mozilla or Opera.
Web Page Colour Composer, a collaborative project between The Inspiration Gallery and The Hunting Ground, is an interactive web tool with which you can create a detailed web page colour scheme and generate the CSS and HTML code to be inserted into your web page. Given the number of page elements you can customize utilizing the numerous colour palettes, background images and other features, Web Page Colour Composer may be the only page colourization tool you will ever need.

Navigation is accomplished through the use of a Control Panel, which changes the contents of the various Options Panels to suit the selected function. Additional palettes can be opened depending on the panel selected to view a variety of colours, buttons and back- grounds, a handful of which are shown here.

If your screen resolution is set at 800 x 600,
you will be directed to the 800 x 600 version.

Over 2,000 buttons ...
... 395 backgrounds and
11 colour palettes to select from.