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Unless noted otherwise, all graphics, backgrounds, borders, digital art and resources (collectively referred to as the Content) are provided for your personal, non-profit use. However, there are several restrictions that are standard for this type of web site. Please read the Terms of Use carefully and thoroughly.

In Utilizing This Site, You Are Subject to the Following Restrictions

  • You may not use the Content for commercial, profit-making purposes. No exceptions.
  • You may not place the Content in, or build an image collection, archive, gallery, graphics/clipart site, or any other type of project that is similar to The Inspiration Gallery.
  • You are not permitted to redistribute or sell the Content as part of a graphics collection of any kind.
  • No permission is given on your web site to download or save the Content, with the exception of web sets or web templates, Sims furnishings, stationery templates, signature tags for stationery purposes, and alpha-graphics created by you for non-profit purposes.
  • No part of the Content is to be sent or distributed via e-mail or newsgroups.
  • You may not claim the Content as your own work. Individual copyright remains with the original artists.
  • Do not link to the Content at The Inspiration Gallery. You must download the Content to your hard drive. If you link directly to any of the Content at The Inspiration Gallery, your web host and ISP will be notified of your bandwidth theft.

What You Can Do With the Content

You may use the Content in personal, non-profit projects as long as the above Terms of Use are followed, including:

  • Creation of web pages for yourself or a non-commercial-based client.
  • Creation of web sets, web templates, Sims furnishings, stationery templates, signature tags for stationery purposes, and alpha-graphics for non-profit purposes and offer them for download on your site.
  • Arts and crafts projects, including online or hard copy scrapbooks.
  • Creation of newsletters, announcements, flyers, brochures, personal greeting cards, invitations, personal stationery, presentations and other desktop publishing formats.

Linking Back To The Inspiration Gallery

All Content at The Inspiration Gallery is  linkware. This means a link must be provided in a prominent location on every page where the Content is used. Using one of the buttons provided below, please direct your link to The Inspiration Gallery's main page  http://www.theinspirationgallery.com/

If you are familiar with adjusting the colour of a graphic using the hue, saturation and lightness features of your graphics software, you may adjust these elements to better match the logo buttons to your web site's colour scheme. Below are some coloured logo buttons if you prefer something other than the green and gold buttons.


Not all of the Content found at The Inspiration Gallery was created by the Webmaster. Unless noted otherwise, some of the Content contained in this site has been obtained either from public domain libraries on the Internet,
used with permission, or contributed by users of this site. The Inspiration Gallery does not sell or license any of this contributed or collected Content and claims no individual copyright to it. It was gathered and made available here solely as a public service to the Internet Community. Copyright is claimed to the entire body of the collection as an entity, to the Content produced exclusively by or for The Inspiration Gallery and to the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code which makes display of the collection available to users of the site. Should you, or your organization, possess the copyright to any Content found at The Inspiration Gallery and be able to prove such a claim, please contact the Webmaster in order that proper credit and a link back to your site may be given or, alternatively, the Content will be removed upon your request. Regardless of the origin of the Content, individual copyright remains with the original artists. regarding copyright concerns may be sent to the Webmaster.

Disclaimer of Liability

The Inspiration Gallery is not responsible to you, any person or organization for any damages arising in any manner out of the use of the Content and/or information made available on this site. You acknowledge that you assume all risk and/or responsibility for any loss and/or damage arising from the uses to which the Content and/or information provided by this site is put. In other words, you are solely and fully responsible for any Content that becomes part(s) of web pages, documents or other projects you publish or distribute. Your use of the Content is at your sole risk and is provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.


You shall indemnify and hold harmless The Inspiration Gallery, including its owner and Webmaster, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages or expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from your application of or participation in this site or the information made available therein.

Copyright Notice

The phrase "Where imagination and inspiration blend together" is proprietary to this site and may not be used under any circumstances. The Inspiration Gallery claims copyright on the entirety of the collection presented within this web site under Canadian and International laws and treaties protecting intellectual property. The Inspiration Gallery also claims copyright on all original Content displayed within this web site. This web site, the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, and its design, layout and graphics used to accomplish same is © 2002-2007 by The Inspiration Gallery. Unless noted otherwise, all rights reserved worldwide. No part may be reproduced.

The Inspiration Gallery reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice and, by downloading the Content from The Inspiration Gallery, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Use.


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